Top 5 Reasons to Use Indoor Tanning Lotion
There’s just something about a summer tan. It gives you an attractive glow and increases your self-confidence, lifts your spirits, and reveals your natural beauty – inside and out. Tanning at indoor salons is a popular option for those with hectic schedules, because it allows you to tan anytime.
If you are new to indoor tanning, you probably have a lot of questions about getting started. How long should my first session be? What should I wear? Will I burn? Does it matter what tanning bed I use? How soon will I notice a change in skin tone? Will tanning lighten my hair? It’s a lot to think about. In your quest for the best tan, don’t forget to research tanning lotions, and find the one that’s right for you. If you’re a veteran tanner, and you’re not using a lotion – you are missing out.

The Benefits of Using Tanning Lotions:

Rev Up Your Tan. Unlike sun block, which filters the sun’s rays, sometime specially formulated lotions can help you tan better and faster. They may help you reveal a deeper, darker tone. Working with the skin, lotions can increase the rate at which you brown, helping you get the most out of every tanning session. Using an indoor lotion should get you darker as lotions helps keep the skin moist.

Moisturize. Tanning lotions include moisturizers that keep your skin soft and smooth. Dry skin looks unhealthy, old, and dull. Moisturizing your skin while you tan will help you maintain a healthy glow. Look for items that contain aloe or hemp seed oil.

Feel Great. It can get hot under those tanning bulbs. To keep you feeling cool, you should find lotions containing elements that offer a slight cooling effect and a tingling sensation. Other formulas contain “sizzling” ingredients. These types of lotion help to color the skin, and their effects can last an hour or even longer, depending on your complexion.

Nourish. Aging can take a toll on your skin. Look for lotions with skin-nourishing ingredients.  There are many lotion options formulated with skin firming compounds and vitamins.

Lotions May Help Prevent Burns and Uneven Tanning. Let’s face it, the whole reason you are tanning in the first place is because you want to look and feel better about yourself. Without the aid of tanning lotion, you may increase the risk of burning or peeling. Uneven tans don’t look natural, and it may take a long time to fix the damage once it’s done. Tips on Tanning Bed Lotions

More tips on Tanning Bed Lotions

When ultraviolet (UV) rays hit skin's surface, they incite a reaction that increases melanin production. Melanin is the chemical that causes skin to tan. Since moisturized skin holds a tan longer, applying a lotion before visiting an indoor tanning bed is a good idea. A good lotion formulated for indoor tanning will keep skin hydrated during the tanning session, prolong the life of the tan post-session and help maintain soft, supple skin.

Assess Your Skin Type
• There are three types of indoor tanning lotions: accelerators, maximizes and tingle formulas. Accelerators are ideal for clients who have little to no tan and who are seeking a base tan. Maximizers are perfect for clients who want to enhance a base tan, or gradually deepen a tan. Tingle lotions are the most intense, and suggested only for those who are familiar with their skin's reaction to ultraviolet exposure. These lotions increase blood circulation, which is said to give skin a darker appearance. Some indoor formulas contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical that darkens skin pigment. These are known as bronzing formulas because they help skin to darken further as the DHA sets.