Many companies SAY they have SolGlass tanning lamps,
but if your lamp is not from and
UV World
 you might not receive what you wanted and what
you paid for.  Click on a package on the home page to make
sure you receive SolGlass lamps. 

What makes SolGlass better and different than all other tanning lamps made? It is the OPEN PURE glass that lets more UV reach
the tanning area. New Technology SolGlass is a completely new lamp technology that was developed by LighTech, Ltd. of Hungary. It isn't just stronger,
or better, or longer lasting than regular lamps. SolGlass is a completely different kind of tanning lamp technology, which makes
comparing it to other lamps difficult.

LighTech uses a special glass (Sol Glass) that is more transparent to ultraviolet. 
The glass is just part of what makes SolGlass more "sun-like" in performance.

To better understand how SolGlass is different
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It is simple: the more transparent the glass is, the more UV that can get out.   Keep in mind that all other tanning lamps use the same glass as you would use for a normal overhead office bulb.  It simply wasn't designed to transmit ultraviolet.   SolGlass glass is used ONLY for OUR special tanning lamps, so it was engineered from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only: transmit more tanning rays in a more full spectrum.  This is part of the reason why they get you a deep dark brown, instead of the "fake bake" looking orange, common to generic tanning lamps.

Recaping what you will be receiving SolGlass lamps use a completely different glass and phosphors, and produce a different spectrum than regular lamps. High UVB, yet more UVA than even regular RUVA lamps. Session times might be shorter without sacrificing bronzing. The intense bronzing action will also insure that your clients and you are completely surprised and pleased. SolGlass lamps cost a little more than generic tanning lamps, but they are the best value in the tanning industry today because of their results. 
           New Glass, SolGlass tanning lamps!


To purchase a package of 16 to 28 lamps just click on our home page
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SolGlass is offered in 71 and 73 inch sizes so they will fit the majority of  tanning beds ever made. 

While they cost more than regular lamps they represent a smart choice for salon owners who are interested in the total cost of running their salon.

Ask before you buy, does your lamp have SolGlass glass,
if not you have not receive what you wanted or what paid for.

After you try them, you will never go back to generic glass tanning lamps
made with standard overhead office lamp glass.

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