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WOW! Is what you said I would say once I tried my new UV power P5 lamps. I received them yesterday as promised and put them in my bed as soon as I got them, I have tried the 2 times now. They really did make my home bed feel and work like a 220 commercial bed. I could not lay the full 15 minutes and my family and friends are amazed also. I have friends that use my bed and go to salon's also and they said they are going to tell them about you so that hopefully they will buy them for there salon's. Thanks for being honest and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  Sincerely,   Mark Carter

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We have ALL size tanning lamps made for tanning beds! 
Normal size 71", 73", 1.9M, 78", 79" and 2M. 
We even have the hard to find 59", 60", 72", 74" and Red Collagen lamps.


You need new tanning lamps, but you have no idea what kind of tanning bulbs you need we can help. The page looks long, but you can skip to the right sections that apply to you.  This information will make ordering your tanning lamps quick and easy. 
If you want the HOTTEST lamps on the market jump to section L below. If you want the DARKEST tan possible, jump to section G below.

I have no idea of what tanning lamps my bed needs or takes. We hear this every day, and it is pretty easy to figure out what you need using this guide.  You need to be near your tanning bed for this page to be helpful.  If you are not near your tanning bed, write down our domain name ( and come back when you are.  We do this all day long for customers, so trust the process and read on, all your questions will be answered in 1-2 minutes.  Have a pen and paper handy, so you can write down the size you need.

1.   Do you have facial tanning bulbs?

There are a couple different types of facial tanners, so look below.  If you don't have any type of face tanning (most tanning beds), skip to step 2.   Otherwise, read about each below.

High Pressure Facial 400 watt clip in

A very common type of facial tanning bulb is the 400 watt bulb that is a few inches long (shown above), behind a (usually) purple filter glass.  Never use them if the glass is missing or cracked, this would be dangerous.  The replacement cost for the bulb itself is around $16.  Some beds have more than one of these.  Most beds that use this facial lamp have F71 sized lamps for the long lamps, and the lamps in front of the face bulb may be F59 (shorter), or they may have shifted the lamps down and used F71 lamp all around.  You have to look at the lamps, and count the number of short/long lamps to be sure.  We cover this below. 

2. What brand of tanning bed do you have?

Before you say "Wolff", please know that Wolff isn't a brand of tanning bed.   Dozens of bed brands have the name Wolff on them, and it only refers to the original lamp style.  There should be a name on the bed such as SunQuest, SunVision, ESB, Suntana or similar.  90% of the time, this will automatically tell us what size lamp you need, as many manufacturers only used one size lamp in all their tanning beds.   If you are not sure what brand of bed you have (label missing, worn off, etc.) then go to step 3 now.

SunQuest, SunVision, SunMaster, ESB, Solar Storm, Soleil, ACN, Alisun use F71 lamps.   Of course, if you have face tanning, you may also have short lamps, F59, or Dual Zone lamps (above).  If you don't have high pressure face tanning, then you definately have F71 sized lamps (write this down), and *any* 100 watt F71 lamp will work in your bed.   At this point, you are pretty much done, but you can go to step 4 if you want to learn some options for your bed. (recommended)

If your tanning bed is a Puretan, Montego Bay, SonnenBraune, Suntana, Sundash, SCA or other brand, it gets a bit more complicated since they used a variety of sizes in different beds.  It isn't hard to figure out, but you need to go to the next step, just to be sure.

3.  What do your current lamps look like?

Ok, we will do this the hard way-Actually, it is pretty easy to tell your lamp needs by looking at the lamp as long as you can see the numbers on it.  Old tanning lamps often used a weird code on them, but newer tanning bulbs use a somewhat more universal numbering method.  Look at your tanning lamps (noting if they are all the same length or not) and write down the code on the lamp.  The code will almost always have the phrase "T12" in it.  That means "thickness = 12/8", which is a fancy way of saying the tanning lamp has a diameter of 1 1/2 inches, like almost every tanning lamp.

Most tanning lamps will have a code like this:  x71T12xxxx.  Obviously, the letter "x" isn't really used, and could be any letters, such as F71, DSS71, VEL71, etc.   The letters don't matter, only the number.  For example, a DSS73T12 is really an F73 lamps.  The DSS part just stands for "Diamond Sun S".  It is exactly the same size as a VEL73T12, which is the code for a Velocity F73 lamp.  The two numbers before T12 are what matters.  If you have short tanning bulbs in front of a high pressure facial, those will likely say "DSS59T12" or similar, which means they are F59 tanning lamps.  Using "F" and the size is the proper, ISO way of sizing tanning lamps, but some companies fancy it up with their own letters.  It means nothing, they are still F71s, F73s, or F59s.

The letter R.  If you see the letter R mixed in, such as FR71 instead of F71, this means you have a reflector tanning lamp.  Examples include Reflex Bronzer, Sol Plus, Pro Reflector, etc.  Call us instead 9800.931.3609).  Reflector tanning lamps are generally used on only larger tanning beds, but we now have them for ALL tanning beds.  

What if your tanning bulb has different codes?  some older tanning lamps used a different coding system.  Those tanning bulbs aren't made any more, but they were still just F71, F72, F73 or F59 lamps with fancy codes.  Here is a guide you can
use to convert your old codes to their actual size:

F72 codes: (has an RDC, black cap)
DA1-766-100W, F72T12, DSS72T12, or similar xx72T12
(This is a fairly rare size.  Some Sundash, Tan America, Suntana and a few Puretan/Tanfit tanning beds used this.)

F73 codes:(has an RDC, black cap)
SA2-10-100W, SA1-10-100W, DA1-767-100W, DSS73-T12, VEL73-T12, ES3-73-100W or similar xx73T12

F59 codes: (bi pin lamp, shorter)
SA1-59-80W, DA1-59-80W, F59T12, DSS59T12, VEL59T12 or similar xx59T12

F71 codes: (bi pin lamp, 6 foot)
DA1-763-100W,  F71T12, DSS71T12, or similar xx71T12
(This is the most common tanning lamp size in the industry.  Most tanning beds use this size.)

Write down what size you need now so you can refer back to it later!

If you have size F59 or F72 or 74, you will need to give us a call, (866.778.0003) as these are rare lamp types and our stock changes daily on the type and UV strength.   If you have F71 or F73 lamps, we stock over 20,000 of these.  Go to the lamp package section and choose according to the number of tanning lamps in your tanning bed.  If you have F71, check out the next section.

4.  What are my options?

Your options depend on what size lamp you have, and most of you will have F71 lamps.   Virtually every tanning lamp we offer comes in this size.  This section will help you pick the right lamp for your tanning bed.  You can also just jump to the lamp packages and purchase now, but you may find the below sections helpful. Before you decide what lamp to use, first you should ask yourself if you want any special features to enhance the tanning experience.  Likely, you didn't even know you had these options!  Choose one of the questions below if they apply to you.

A. Do you have a 16 lamp bed, but you want it to perform like a 24 lamp bed?

This is a Catch-22, because if you get a really hot tanning lamp (high UVB), then you might get striped when you tan.  You should avoid any lamp, by any maker, that is rated higher than 6.5%UVB if you have a 16 lamp tanning bed.  Even if someone else's salesperson thinks it is a good idea. If you are wanting to really ramp up the power of your 16 lamp tanning bed, it needs more than a high UVB bulb, you need a bulb with tons of UVA  plus some extra UVB.  The only real choice to get this kind of performance gain out of a 16 tanning lamp bed is to upgrade to SolGlass technology. The newest lamp in the tanning industry gives instant results plus the bronze look. The SolGlass OPEN glass to let the UV out of the lamp and puts the color on the tanner.  To serve you at any time just text us your questions text line 870.761.5051 or email

B. Do you have trouble tanning your legs?

We have a package for that!  Actually, you would just need to use the DUAL Body tanning lamp throughout your bed.   The dual tanning lamp is a standard F71 bulb, so it will work great in any tanning bed that uses an F71 lamp with no modifications.  All the New Technology is INSIDE the lamp.

The upper body section has about 20% more UVA for extra BRONZING stimulation.  The mid/lower body section has about 20% more UVB for extra tanning stimulation for the hard to tan areas.  You will notice your whole body getting darker becaues you have extra A and B, which will even out your tan. This particular lamp works in all beds, no matter how many or how few lamps you have. If you are having trouble getting your legs as dark as the rest of you, then the DUAL Body lamps even you out.   Another great thing about the DUAL Body lamps is every 3rd or 4th time put your head to the end of the bed where your legs go and this will help stimulate your tanning process. 

C. Do you have trouble tanning your face or sides?

You can use the DUAL Body tanning lamp discussed in section B.  All you need to do is turn around and use the higher B part of the lamp on your upper body. 

D. Are you hard to tan because you have very fair skin?

If you are fair skinned, then you need to be particularly careful when tanning.   The idea is to AVOID burning.  Regardless of what other salespersons might or might not tell you, you should AVOID lamps with more than 5% UVB rating.  Light skinned persons do not develop melanin as fast as regular skin, so a hotter tanning lamp will NOT help you, only burn you.  6.5%, 8.5%, 9% lamps are not the answer.  The answer (like it or not) is TIME.  You should get a tanning bulb with 5% lower UVB and expect longer session times.  This is the only way you will get a quality tan without burning. 

E. Are you hard to tan but have average skin? SolGlass lamps

Generally speaking, average skinned persons that have difficulty tanning just need a modest boost in UVB to stimulate melanin.  For these persons, a 6.5% lamp is the right answer.  If you don't mind spending a little more, the SolGlass is the best lamp for you.  They cost a little more but they give quickest darkest results.  If you do NOT burn very easily and need something VERY hot, then the UV Power P5 8.5% lamp may be a viable option.

F. Do you want to tan FASTER?

If you are looking for fast session times, you do not need to give up on the bronze look you desire. The UV Power P5 8.5% tanning bulb is a the choice if your tanning bed has at least 24 tanning lamps. It uses the newest technology, plus it has a built in reflector system for the most intense tanning of any tanning bulb on the market.  Also consider the UV Power P15 non reflector, which will work in any bed with 16 or more tanning lamps.  It is not quite as fast the UV Power P5, but will give a darker color than other 8.5% or higher lamp listed on the market.   

G. Do you want the darkest possible tan? UV Power P5 & SolGlass tanning Lamps

The darkest possible tan?  Your choice is UV Power and SolGlass.  I have a 32 lamp bed at home for my family.  UV Power P5 in the top and SolGlass in the bottom.  It provides both instant results and a true sun like dark brown tan.  SolGlass is the ONLY tanning lamp made for JUST the tanning industry.  SolGlass is the newest generation of tanning lamps, using a special glass that is significantly more transparent to ultraviolet. SolGlass may cost a little more, but they are worth every penny.  Your family and friends will think you have been on a vacation when they see your SolGlass color!

H. Do you simply want the best, most powerful tanning lamp on the market?

In a word, SolGlass.  You have two basic options, the SolGlass 71 inch and Solglass 73 inch 120 watt. They will fit and work in any tanning bed made with a 100 or 120 watt tanning lamp. These are the newest generation of tanning lamps, using a special glass that is significantly more transparent to ultraviolet.

I. Do you want the cheapest lamp that still performs well?

Be careful what you ask for.  There are economy tanning lamps on the market for as little as $5.95.  They start out hot but fade fast and give an orange tint tan color not BROWN.  None of the tanning lamps we sell are economy types.  We offer only premium phosphor tanning lamps at a fair price.  Our aim is to give you the highest quality taning bulbs on the market that produce a great color, so you will use us with all your tanning needs.   

J. Do you just want something similar to what the bed came with originally?

If your tanning bed has a 20 minute timer, then our Bronzer to Hot style tanning lamps are the best replacements.  

K. Do you want something slightly hotter (faster) than what the bed came with originally?

If you are looking for something just a step up from OEM lamps, our Hot and Reflector series tanning lamps fit the bill. All of our tanning bulbs are premium tanning lamps and they fit the description of hotter/faster, while providing a fuller UVA/B spectrum, and delivering a better BROWN quality tan.   

L. Do you want something that is very, very hot?

If you want the hottest tanning lamp that is still going to bronze you, then you should look at either the SUPER HOT UV Power P5 line up. The P5 only comes in a REFLECTOR  type, but is available in 71 & 73 inch 120 watt, plus 71, 72 & 73 inch 170 watt plus now offered in the 200 watt 2 meter!
NOTE: The hotter the lamp is, the shorter your session time should be.  We are in the tanning industry not the burning industry.  This is not a property of our lamps, it is just the science of how tanning works. 

5.  I am still confused!

That's ok, just call or text us and we will gladly help you.  To serve you at any time just text us your questions --
text line 870.761.5051 or email

Call 1-866-778-0003 during business hours, and be sure to have your tanning bed or lamp information handy.  You will get the same great price on the phone that you would online.

on 1st box up to 25 lamps -- if you need more than 25 lamps there will be a shipping charge for the second box


To serve you at any time just  text us your questions text line 870.761.5051.

Any returns MUST be in the overwrapped lamp box and within 20 days of shipment.

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